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  • 6750 persons employed last year

  • 2800 persons received a new profession

  • 75 employers work with us

  • 19 years of success on the labour market

  • 5 offices in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Spain, England

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JDM Recruitment is a constantly developing employment agency with 5 offices in Europe, including Ukraine and Belarus, Poland, Spain and England. Are you looking for a job in any European country, including Poland? Do you want to improve your life situation or gain experience in new corners of the world? We invite you to take advantage of our offer. You will find here both good employees, employed on favorable terms, but also employment - permanent or seasonal. Get to know us and our history!

JDM Recruitment deals with comprehensive customer service and control of terms and conditions included in the contract with employers. We operate efficiently and effectively. Last year alone (2017) we employed 6750 people. 2800 employees have learned a new profession! We helped hundreds of companies and enterprises that needed to fill in the staff shortage.

We always try to find the perfect compromise and combine the expectations of employers with the goals and well-being of employees. We operate fully legally and employ in Poland, Ukraine and other countries of the European Union.

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History of JDM Recruitment

JDM Recruitment has been on the market for over 19 years (1999). We started as JD Mercury. At that time our company dealt with tourism and recreation. We developed rapidly and in 2004 an international company - JD Mercury Europe was established, which dealt with the outsourcing of employees. In this way, we started to operate on the labour markets. We wanted to act as a multinational company that helps with employment throughout Europe. We succeeded in 2007, when we launched the process of making statements enabling foreigners from Ukraine and Belarus to work. In the same year we entered the Polish construction market.

The next few years will see further successes. 2010 was a year of further development. We accepted more and more orders from the construction and production sectors. It quickly became clear that there is no other way than development. As a result of our expansion into Western Europe, separate companies were established - JDM Poland and JDM EUROPE in Great Britain. Shortly afterwards, in November 2016, JDM Recruitment was established, which recruited employees for JDM Poland and JD Mercury. Over time, the number of recruiters increased, we expanded our business and opened up to external clients, offering assistance in recruitment and outsourcing of employees.

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Meet the JDM Recruitment team

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The JDM Recruitment team consists of experienced professionals from many countries around the world. It is not only the perfect recruiters specializing in HR and payroll procedures. Our company still serves customers in a wide range of social and formal, i. e. in accordance with the labour law of a given country.

We are able to recruit an employee without the intermediation of other agencies. Each vacancy is adjusted to the candidate according to his qualifications. This translates into lower employment costs and better results and employee satisfaction.

Our international team speaks many languages, so we can easily communicate with both employers and employees, regardless of their country of origin.

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