Become a professional welder! JDM Recruitment starts cooperation with vocational schools in Poland. It is extremely difficult in Ukraine to obtain a European welder's license. Only one institute in the whole country, the Plato Institute, is responsible for this. It is not difficult to guess that getting trained is not easy.

JDM Recruitment is starting cooperation with vocational schools in Poland in order to make it easier for Ukrainian citizens to obtain the necessary courses, certificates and permits. The welder is the person responsible for joining parts and structural elements made of steel, metals and cast iron.

Do you want to become one and earn money in EU countries? We have a solution for you. Our offer is also directed to vocational schools in Poland, where we can provide new students.

Become a welder with JDM Recruitment

and work in the European Union

Ukrainian citizens who would like to get the European welder's certificate do not have to wait in long railways anymore. From now on, you can study in Polish institutions with which our company has signed cooperation agreements.

In addition to the welder courses themselves, JDM Recruitment can also offer language courses, assistance in finding accommodation and round-the-clock care of a coordinator, which means that you are a step away from an international career in any European country.

Sign up for a JDM Recruitment course

The course for a welder usually lasts from a few weeks to several months, depending on the level of proficiency, selected school and learning mode - you can choose among others weekend courses.

The basic course for a MIG, MAG or TIG welder in the city ranges from 2000 PLN to 3000 PLN. For more detailed information, please contact us.

Can anyone become a welder?

The basic requirements for candidates are:

  • be at least 18 years of age;
  • minimum primary education;
  • a medical certificate of fitness to practice as a welder.

A welder's career is open to you

Europe needs welders. The welder can find employment in literally any industrial sector. Candidates most often work on construction sites or in shipyards. Even those who have just passed the courses and obtained the certificates, should easily find a job consisting of simple welding tasks, and from there only one step to becoming a qualified specialist who can make an international career.

Welders are not only sought after in Poland. They are looking for large plants, but also smaller companies from all over Western Europe. Europe currently suffers from a shortage of workers in many sectors, and welding is one of them.


JDM Recruitment, as a recruitment company for European countries, has plenty of vacancies for welders - even those without experience. All you have to do is to take a course and then start a well-paid job right away, even up to 30 PLN per hour!


Our offer is also directed to vocational schools in Poland, where we can provide new students. In order to start cooperation with us, please contact our office.


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