Poland and Germany are fighting for workers from Ukraine

The minimum amount of remuneration is growing in Poland from year to year. Citizens of Ukraine (and not only them) can already count on high wages and jobs, and this is just the beginning of good news – Germany is also opening its doors more widely.

The minimum wage in Poland is growing

The Polish government raises the minimum wage every year. Currently, the minimum wage in Poland is PLN 2,100 gross, which gives the lowest earner PLN 1,530 per hand. The rate has increased by 5% less compared to the previous year. Everything indicates that there is another pay rise ahead of us.

The least earners can use the most, but not only. Wages of specialists are also growing, which are increasingly sought after. This is good news not only for Poles, but also for citizens of other countries who would like to work in Poland.


Germany is also looking for employees and also offers good conditions

Not only work in Poland is lacking. Germany also has a similar problem and is opening up to the inhabitants of Ukraine, thus competing with Poland. This is excellent news for the citizens of Western Europe, who have wider and wider perspectives.

What changes is the German government preparing to facilitate the work of foreigners? Experts and specialists from outside the Union will soon be able to look for work in Germany legally for half a year. It’s time to search, which was not there before. From now on, you will be able to start work and you will have six months to get permits and formalities. The new law will not be limited to any competition, which means that everyone will be able to take advantage of it.


Poland and Germany are fighting for workers from Ukraine?

Poland and Germany are fighting for workers from Ukraine? Everything indicates it. There are no employees in both countries. The JDM Recruitment clients who are looking for a job in the European Union can benefit from this fight. Poland and Germany will compete for employees, making it easier for them to get a job and reducing the requirements for permanent residence. You can also assume further pay rises.

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