Aktualne ceny w Polsce – podstawowe towary

Despite the fact that Poland belongs to the European Union and is in the group of rapidly developing countries, the cost of living here is not as drastic as it is in other countries with a similar economic status. Contrary to appearances, some products may actually be even cheaper than in Ukraine.


On the conversion of product values

Before starting to compare prices for basic goods in Poland and Ukraine, public earnings must be taken into account. It should be remembered that the average salary of a Pole is 3.5 thousand. PLN, in turn, in Ukraine is about 900 PLN. In turn, the minimum wage in Poland in 2019 is to amount to PLN 1,600 net.


With this in mind, it is worth realizing the real price of basic goods. For example: A Pole earning a national average can buy 1,400 breads per month (PLN 2.5), while in Ukraine this number will amount to 600 (bread for PLN 1.5).


Food and drinks

The most often purchased food products by Poles are meat, vegetables and bread. As a result, they are offered at a really affordable price, as well as in many variants. The cheapest bread will be given for PLN 1, the most expensive even for PLN 10. Huge stores and hypermarkets, which constantly develop their networks and increase the number of branches, play a huge role here. For this reason, almost every place in Poland has access to a cheap and well-stocked store.

ProductAverage price
Bread2,5 PLN/szt.
Chickpeas4 PLN/kg
Jam3 PLN/szt.
French fries4 PLN/kg
Tea2 PLN/op.
Eggs0,50 PLN/szt.
Coffee8 PLN/op.
Salmon12 PLN/kg
Pasta5 PLN/kg
Carrot4 PLN/kg
Butter20 PLN/kg
Flour2 PLN/kg
Minced meat10 PLN/kg
Milk2,5 PLN/l
Frozen dumplings8 PLN/kg
Beas can6 PLN/kg
Raisins9 PLN/kg
Cheese20 PLN/kg
Tofu18 PLN/kg
Potatoes1,20 PLN/kg



Cosmetics, drugs, detergents, and hygiene products

Cosmetics and cleaning products can be found in most stores, even small ones. The situation is similar with drugs – these painkillers are available in both pharmacies, hypermarkets and kiosks. As with other basic goods, these are also available throughout the price range and offered by various brands.

ProductAverage price
Fluid25 PLN/op.
Hand cream8 PLN/szt.
Painkillers12 PLN/op.
Liquid soap6 PLN/op.
Toilet paper0,80 PLN/szt.
Toothpaste4 PLN/szt.
Dishwashing liquid3 PLN/op.
Floor soap5 PLN/op.
Washing powder14 PLN/kg
Cough syrup10 PLN/szt.
Shampoo7 PLN/szt.
Tampons6 PLN/op.
Garbage bags3 PLN/op.



Rides and communication

Larger cities in Poland have a public transport system, and other cities can be reached by train or bus. Tickets are usually dependent on the length or time of the route. The current price of gasoline also plays a huge role here.

Gasoline 95 Pb5,50 PLN/l
Bus ticket Poznań-Warsaw70 PLN
A ticket for the Poznań-Warsaw train80 PLN
One-time city ticket3 PLN
Transfer by taxi 10 km30 PLN




Free time

Both alcohol and cigarettes can be bought in Poland from the age of 18. At the checkout, he is often asked for an ID card to check if the customer is of legal age. The situation is similar with the entry to the clubs – the vast majority of them let only adults.


ProductAverage price
Cinema ticket25 PLN
Cigarettes15 PLN/op.
Beer3 PLN/szt.
Pizza with delivery30 PLN
An entry ticket to the disco20 PLN
Wine15 PLN/L
Vodka20 PLN/l


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