formalnosci min - Do not worry about the formalities

Do not worry about the formalities 

 Staff Selection will do everything for you!

JDM Recruitment always tries to help its employees. We are perfectly aware of the fact that coming to a new country and taking up employment in it can be stressful. That’s why, together with the friendly Staff Selection company, we offer our help in organizing documents.


Do not worry about the formalities – we will do it for you

Working at JDM Recruitment, you get professional help and your individual caregiver. We help in organizing language courses, employment and housing in one of the European countries that belong to the EU. We also help in drawing up the necessary documents. What does it mean? We will take care of all settlements and organization of the PESEL number, which is very helpful in taking up legal employment in Poland and facilitates everyday life, from banking matters to the purchase of a telephone card.

Our help in this area is carried out through a friendly Staff Selection company (a native company of JDM Recruitment), which will help you to check-in, make a PESEL and settle taxes.


Why is it worth using our services?

We provide our services and assistance mainly to migrants who do not know the rules, language or have no time for it. We know very well that starting work in a new place – especially when it is a new, current state – is stressful and can cause many difficulties.

Legal regulations and official matters can be very complicated. Organizing all by yourself, with a minimum knowledge of the language is very difficult and can often do more harm than good. Tax settlements may be the most troublesome – the payment system in Poland causes trouble even to citizens. That is why it is always worth having an experienced company at hand who provides professional help.


Do not be afraid of working abroad! A good future and many perspectives ahead of you. Formality leave Staff Selection – a subsidiary of JDM Recruitment.

JDM Recruitment – best idea for your job 🙂