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The European Economic Forecast,presented by the European Commission in October 2017, shows that the situation on the European labour market has continued to improve since 2015. Unemployment is falling and, at the same time, employment, labour force participation and wages are rising. This is the best time to enter the labour market or change the employment. If you arelooking for a job outside your homecountry th safest way is to use the services of a employment agency.


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Are you looking for a permanent job? Or maybe a temporary work? Regardless of your goals, we have the right solution for you. With JDM Recruitment you will gain a profession of your dreams, find new friends and visit various countries of the European Union. We offer you clear rules of cooperation and security as well as a real chance of employment in Poland or in another EU country. See why it's worth working with JDM Recruitment. We have 5 reasons for you.



decent working and living conditions

When you work with us, you are always sure that your working conditions and the accommodation you live in will meet the right standards. We believe that fair remuneration should go hand in hand with adequate accommodation. We usually offer a free apartment with 2-4-bed rooms, unlike the competition, which, by saving money, places employees in 5-10-bed rooms. The rates we offer, always correspond to professional qualifications.

  • Warranty

    We guarantee employment and good cooperation
  • Free flat

    Only comfortable 2-4 bed rooms
  • High salary

    All rates correspond to professional qualifications




  • No discrimination

    Work regardless of age, gender, religion or race
  • Work for everyone

    We will find a job for every employee who will turn to JDM-Recruitment
  • Workers rating

    Only qualifications and skills are important when evaluating an employee

For us, everyone is equal. We treat all our employees with respect, regardless of age, gender, religion or race. When recruiting, we take into account all candidates for the job. All of us have equal opportunities and we evaluate our employees only in terms of their professional qualifications. We are not afraid of challenges and obstacles. We are all the same people and we treat our candidates as equals - with the respect and dignity that we expect ourselves.




We focus on long-term cooperation and development of our employees. We offer our candidates help right from the start. When you work with us, you always have your supervisor, the coordinator, at your disposal. We are happy to help you with completing your documents and contracts, organizing temporary or permanent residence permits, looking for employment and shelter. . . and all of this is supervised by our carers, who are always happy to help you and try to solve any problems.

  • Long-term cooperation

    We care about long-term cooperation and development of our employees
  • Help with documents

    You will get help in getting documents, searching for a new job or a flat
  • 24 hour care

    Each employee has his own supervisor - coordinator




  • Experience

    19 years on the European Union labor market
  • Whole Europe

    We have offices in many European Union countries
  • 100% legality

    You will receive social and medical care and insurance

JDM Recruitment is a company that has been in existence for 19 years. We have offices in many countries of the European Union. We are always and everywhere guided by specific principles and goals - we act safely and 100% legally. This enables us to offer social and medical care, as well as insurance. We deliver the necessary bookmarks on time (including to the Social Insurance Institution in Poland) for each of our employees.




We help our candidates at every stage. We do not leave them with problems and always try to react quickly. We organize the necessary permits, including permanent residence cards, even for family members. We pay taxes and health insurance for our employees. With us, there are no situations in which an employee stays alone and without help in a foreign country. You will not be working with JDM Recruitment unpaid or against the law. We know that the safety of our employees is the most important.

  • Permanent residence

    Permanent residence for your family members
  • Health insurance

    We pay taxes and health contributions for our employees
  • Stable work

    You get money on time and work with the law



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You've come to the right place. We have offers for everyone, regardless of age, education, qualifications, race or religion. You work and live with dignity - without restrictions and barriers.

We have offers for everyone, regardless of age, education, qualifications, race or religion. If you work with us – you work without limitations or barriers. Did you know that thanks to us 6750 people found employment in 2017? 2,800 employees have learned a new profession and we have employed 75 new employees in our offices across Europe. We have been working continuously for 19 years and are successful internationally. We grow stronger each year. Currently, we have 5 offices in Europe, including Ukraine and Belarus, Poland, Spain and England. JDM Recruitment is a company you can trust.


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