Work for our brothers - Belarusians Polish employers are open not only to employees from Ukraine, but also from Belarus. One of our partners very much wants to fill gaps in human resources, especially personnel from Belarus. The JDM Recruitment team will always be happy to answer any of your questions. If you have any doubts about this ad, you can write your comments below or call +48 720870124 - Miraslava.

In connection with the continuous development of the company and establishing permanent cooperation with employers from Poland, we are looking for people for the position of Fromierz, Stalowa Wola city.

Description of responsibilities:

  • preparation of the workplace (raw materials)
  • core-forming assistance
  • assisting with mold spreading
  • assistance in cooking the moulds to be assembled (cleaning, painting, assembly)
  • lagging and cooler installation
  • maintaining the order of the workplace
  • following the orders of the superior

We guarantee:

  •  work schedule: the company is open 24 hours a day, shift work 8 hours each, depending on the department: 7-15; 15-23; 23-7; or 6-14; 14-22; 22-6; individual work schedule possible
  • working conditions: work in the foundry, summer in the room can be up to 40 ° C, but there are frequent breaks, mineral water and milk available on site for free, the temperature next to the furnace can reach 100 ° C, and aluminum is poured out at a temperature of about 800 / 900 ° C; in the hall a lot of dust, noise, the possibility of hand burns about details; masks, earplugs, hand protection and goggles are issued for free
  • accommodation is provided free of charge by the employer
  • every employee receives working clothes free of charge

We expect candidates:

  •  men - Belarusian citizens
  • communicative knowledge of the Polish language
  • a welcome experience in physical work
  • experience in the use of hand tools
  • accuracy and diligence
  • responsibility for the quality of work
  • ability to work in a team
  • no addictions, no alcohol consumption before and during work

Remuneration 15 PLN net per hour

odlewnia 3 min 600x330 - Formierz
odlewnia 1 min 600x330 - Formierz
odlewnia 2 min 600x330 - Formierz

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