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Harvesting in Spain

Time to harwest in Spain is getting closer. So, we are looking for seasonal workres for collecting grapes, melons, watermelons, olives and many more fruits and vegetables and other rural work in region Castilla-La Mancha in Spain.

We offer:

  • work 45h/week, from Monday till Friday (work 8:00-10:00, break 10:00-10:30, work 10:30-14:00, dinner 14:00-15:00, work 15:00-16:30, break 16:30-16:45, work 16:45-18:00)
  • accomodation FREE(photos of flats and houses available by email on request)
  • transportation Warsaw - accomodation (surroundings of Ciudad Real), accomodation - Warsaw and  accomodation - work place, work place - accomodation  FREE
  • Full fridge once at the arrival
  • Water during working day
  • Bonuses for additional help
  • Contract with full insurance in UE
  • Possibility to know new people and Spain.


  • will to work and positive attitude

Worker should cover cost of his food and clothes. In some cases we give clothes.
*100 euro deposit, paid by candidate in moment of signing contract. It will be paid back after 1 month of work.


Wage - 5 euro per hour. 1000-1100 euro monthly

Praca w hiszpanii 1 min 700x300 - Harvesting in Spain
Praca w hiszpanii 2 min 700x300 - Harvesting in Spain
Praca w hiszpanii 3 min 700x300 - Harvesting in Spain

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