Many people earning money in Poland send some money to their family living in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia or Moldova. Sometimes it may be unprofitable due to high costs of currency conversion or creation of a transfer. So let’s know what commissions are charged by banks and where to look for cheaper alternatives.


Bank charges

There are many banks in Poland that are available all over the world. However, this does not change the fact that in almost all of them, fees related to making transfers to countries outside the European Union are very high. Some banks have a fixed commission, while others generate costs based on a percentage share, so sending larger amounts can significantly reduce the budget. Let’s look at the most popular financial institutions in the context of sending money to Ukraine.


Nazwa bankuCommision
ING Bank Śląski40 PLN
BZ WBK0,20%
Citi Handlowy0,25%
Credit Agricole0,25%
Nest Bank15 PLN



It is also worth remembering that banks charging interest rates have a set minimum value, which is charged when making a transfer. It ranges from 30 to even 80 PLN! This means that when sending small amounts, it can absorb a lot of cash. Institutions, however, impose the maximum fee and usually oscillate around 250 PLN.

Currency conversion is more and more often free, which, however, does not cause that it does not generate costs. This is due to the fact that many banks take into account the rate that is most beneficial for them – they want to sell higher prices, and buy back cheaper. Therefore, the amounts often calculated by financiers do not reflect the actual state of the currency market.



When deciding on a foreign transfer, it is worth considering using the internet services of companies which specialize in converting and sending money outside the European Union. They offer much lower commissions and no hidden costs, because they base their activity on smaller differences between buying and selling currencies. Before choosing such a company, however, it is necessary to check it very carefully and entrust its money only to those that are 100% trustworthy – they have good reviews, many clients and clear rules described in the regulations. Currently, three websites are leading the Polish market:

  1. MoneyGram

It is one of the easiest and best known ways to make transfers to over 200 countries. The website does not provide specific information on the amount of commission and transfer costs, so the final payment must be checked each time in the calculator available on the website. For example, for PLN 2000, the cost is PLN 85.

  1. PayPal

The most popular intermediary in cash transfers around the world, which makes it one of the most reliable and secure. Creating an account in this system is intuitive, as is all the service. For an international transaction, you pay from PLN 9.99 to PLN 19.99 depending on the country you are sending the money to. However, no costs are incurred for currency conversion.

  1. TransferGo

This solution can be used only when sending money from Poland to Ukraine (it is also possible to transfer money to Russia, Moldova and Belarus, if the recipient has an account in Swiss francs). The big plus is that it allows currency conversion directly from zlotys into hryvnia, so a person living on the site can automatically send money to their account without additional charges. The costs related to the transaction range from PLN 1.99 to PLN 9.99, however, it is necessary to add 0.4-2% commission for currency exchange.

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