Jak dostać obywatelstwo Polskie na podstawie małżeństwa?

Entering into marriage is not tantamount to automatically obtaining Polish citizenship. It does not mean, however, that there is no benefit from it. Marriage very often speeds up the process of granting citizenship and does not allow for deportation of a foreigner.


Wedding and what’s next

Since marriage facilitates rather than determines citizenship, it is necessary to apply for it in a standard way. The difference is that for a person marrying a Polish citizen, the most important factor is the time that has been continuously spent legally in Poland. The minimum time limit is 2 years, which means that no undocumented stays could take place during this time – they must be supported by e. g. visas, temporary or permanent residence permits.

It is also extremely important to show income (obtained in a legal way) and staying in legal occupation of the premises (a lease agreement is sufficient). In the case of married couples, such attention is not paid to the knowledge of the Polish language, although it is an asset and often accelerates the granting of citizenship.


Submission of the application

All necessary documents and applications, which must be submitted in order to apply for Polish citizenship, are available on the websites of voivodeship offices – when choosing it, one should be guided by the fact that it is adequate to the place of residence. In the forms, the following information must be provided, among other things:

  • personal data,
  • address of residence,
  • education,
  • confirmation of the source of income,
  • determination of knowledge of Polish language,
  • information about the spouse,
  • the reasons for the request.

Most of these data must be accompanied by appropriate documents proving their accuracy. Submission of an application is free of charge (this rule does not apply to consulates) and it can be done in person or by letter, however, in this case an officially confirmed signature by a notary public is required, for which you pay about 20 PLN.

It is also worth remembering the costs associated with the translation of some documents, which may play an important role in applying for Polish citizenship. This applies, for example, to birth certificates, specialist school-leaving certificates, etc. This task must be assigned to a sworn translator, otherwise it will have no value.


How much to wait?

There is no specific time frame for the recognition of Polish citizenship. This means that you can wait up to one year after you have submitted your application before you receive a final answer. In the case of married couples, and in compliance with all the above principles, nationality is very rarely refused. However, you have to be patient and, during this time, continue to take care of your uninterrupted stay, permanent work and your tenancy agreement in order to be able to submit another application in the event of a negative response.

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