Jak wynająć mieszkanie lub pokój w Polsce?

How to rent a flat or room in Poland? Which websites are the best places to look for?


Finding accommodation in Poland should not be a problem, and this applies even to small towns and villages. However, how do you choose a room or flat that is not only functional but also cheap and aesthetic? Landlords often overstate property prices, so you need to know how to look efficiently.


Before you start looking for a flat or a room to rent

Before starting the search, it is worth to be patient, because rarely the first interesting offer guarantees that you will be able to live there. It is often necessary to make a dozen or even several dozen calls to the owners, because the real estate market, and in particular renting, is increasingly practiced by Poles. The hardest thing is for an apartment or a room in the months when new students are also looking for a new place, from September to November.


It should also be kept in mind that many landlords in their offers give only the price for the returnable – the amount that goes directly to the owner. You have to add fees for utilities and rent, so the total rental price can be up to two times. For this reason, you have to read the content of ads very carefully.


The hidden cost of renting is also a deposit. It is paid once and can be several times off. It should be returned at the end of the lease if the flat or room has not been destroyed.


Where to look for a flat or a room to rent?

There are many sites that provide rental ads. Some of them may be out of date, so it is always worth starting your search from the most popular portals.


  1. 1. OLX.pl

On this page there are various ads and you can find both clothes and plots for sale here. The property department is divided into several categories, so both apartments and rooms are available. All you need to do is enter a city of interest, and optionally you can also enter the maximum price for renting. A big plus is that on OLX there are usually real pictures of a room or flat for rent, and under them is a list of all the most important information, such as the amount of rent or the type of installed heating.


  1. OtoDom.pl

This site deals exclusively with announcements regarding apartments, making it more transparent than its predecessor. Often the offers on both sites overlap. OtoDom makes it easier to view photos and shows more information about real estate. It also has an interesting option that allows you to check the average market prices in the area, which significantly increases awareness of how much it can cost to rent a room or a flat with a certain standard.


  1. DlaStudenta.pl

Although it is a portal addressed mainly to students, in the section “stays” appear current offers of renting rooms (less frequently housing) for all groups. The search engine only allows you to specify localities and the maximum price, but it is enough to find a place for yourself.

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