Będą nowe miejsca pracy dla Polaków! Spółka JD Mercury podpisała kontakty w Hiszpanii.

Spain is changing after the economic crisis and is still looking for specialists and filling shortages with workers from all over the world. This is a great opportunity for Poles who are looking for a permanent job or seasonal activities. Why work in Spain? How much can I earn? At the beginning of 2018, JD Mercury signed its first contracts with employers.

Working in Spain. See why it is worth taking an interest in it.

The economic crisis has been resolved in Spain. Now the country is healing the wounds. We are looking for employees for many companies from various industries. This is not only an opportunity for permanent employment, but also interesting seasonal work, during which you can combine pleasant with useful – earning money and visiting one of the most beautiful and warmest countries in Europe.

It is an opportunity to earn money quickly and return to the country. It is worth mentioning that the lowest national salary in Spain is about 800 euros, and our employees earn about 1000 euros, which gives 4286 PLN per month (Euro exchange rate of 29. 09. 2018). Employees do not have to worry about paying for travel and accommodation. Everything is organized by JDM Recruitment and paid by employers. It should also be added that the rates are hourly, and there are 45 hours per week to work. Spain is open to employees from all over the world

The Spanish economy has overcome the economic crisis and is regaining momentum. Tourism, construction and industry have been revived. Catalonia, Andalusia and Galicia are currently the largest number of new jobs created. Private companies dominate, where more than 450,000 people work. However, there is still a lack of hands to work.

Work for Poles from the very beginning is possible mainly in construction and agriculture. We are also looking for IT specialists, caretakers of the elderly, gardeners and waiters.

The possibility of visiting Spain, legal work abroad, safe access and free accommodation, and more than 4000 PLN “on hand” per month is an excellent opportunity for employees from Poland, Belarus and Ukraine.

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