SWPS warszawa min min - JDM Recruitment begins cooperation with SWPS in Warsaw!

Please be informed that JDM Recruitment has started cooperation with another university – SWPS in Warsaw. Cooperation will allow us to recruit students for particular university faculties! We also invite other high schools and universities who lack students in particular majors.


JDM Recruitment helps Polish universities

In 2017, many Polish non-public universities lost their right to conduct their activities or were put into liquidation, which resulted in a lack of students, and thus the closure of certain majors.

We have already established cooperation with the Lazarski University in Warsaw, now the group has joined SWPS in Warsaw – one of the first private universities in Poland. As a recruitment company, this time we help recruit students, mainly from India, where access to education is expensive and very limited.


Why is it worth studying at SWPS in Warsaw?

SWPS in Warsaw is one of the first private universities in Poland. Students can choose from many interesting development paths that enable them to acquire specialist knowledge and unique competences. It is worth noting that the university has gained almost PLN 8.6 million for the development of practical professional competences and enables education at the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. The curriculum is adapted to students, which gives them a better chance of gaining practical skills and useful knowledge. SWPS has 5 campuses, including in Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław, Sopot and Katowice. Additionally, he actively cooperates with many foreign schools. Teaching staff is almost 1000 recognized lecturers, many of whom are experienced practitioners.

This is a great opportunity for many students, mainly from less developed countries, such as India, where it is almost impossible to obtain higher education.

JDM Recruitment has established cooperation with SWPS in Warsaw and also invites other universities in Poland. Together, we can do more and give those in need, capable of people a better chance for a better future.

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