Joiner-carpenter of Lanka

Carpenter, work in the city of Ląka (12 km from Rzeszów)

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Description of duties:

  • operating woodworking machines (2 people place the material in the machine tool that processes it)
  • preparation of furniture elements for painting and gluing using sandpaper
  • ready-made construction worker prepares for transporting, packing
  • loading of packed structures into the car

We guarantee:

  • work schedule: 5-6 days a week for 10-11 hours
  • heated hall and good working conditions
  • accommodation is paid for by the employer, 3-4 persons in the room
  • the employer provides work clothes and footwear for free
  • free medical insurance

We expect candidates from:

  • accuracy and responsibility
  • willingness and motivation to work
  • accurate and conscientious performance of duties
  • categorical ban on alcohol consumption

Salary: first month - PLN 12 per net hour, from the second month - PLN 13 per net hour

Tartak 01 min 700x350 - Joiner-carpenter of Lanka
Tartak 02 min 700x350 - Joiner-carpenter of Lanka
Tartak 03 min 700x350 - Joiner-carpenter of Lanka

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