tanie bilety.jpg - Low cost airlines - how to buy a ticket so as not to overpay?

In today’s world, travel can be not only convenient and fast, but also cheap. However, you need to know where, when and how to search to find the most profitable promotions. Flights from Poland to Ukraine occur in various prices, so you can often be scared of horrendous costs. How to avoid them?


Where to look for?

When looking for low-cost airlines, you will see that there are many sites offering different prices. Some of them should be avoided with a wide arc, while others always offer affordable conditions. In order not to browse the entire internet, it is worth focusing on these websites:

  1. Momondo.
  2. Skyscanner
  3. Cheap-flight
  4. Skycheck.

Each of these sites allows you to check tens of thousands of flights that take place throughout the year. There are also promotions and last minute offers, so it’s easier to find really cheap flights thanks to them. This does not mean, however, that other websites are not worth attention, because even in less popular ones, very affordable offers may appear.


When to search?

Air ticket prices can change every day and few lines stick to precisely set amounts. This means that it is best to check the direction and date of interest every day, because it is very likely that you will be able to pay a lot less for it.


Cheap airline tickets usually appear around Christmas, or on the occasion of events such as Black Friday. Also, the post-holiday season abounds in more attractive offers, as airlines want to replenish empty seats in airplanes.


It is worth remembering that ticket prices depend on the interest you are attracted to and the day on which the call is to be made. The largest prices are therefore displayed on Sunday evening, when a large group of people reserves their tickets, and the smallest in the morning on regular days of the week. Being aware of this, you can sometimes save up to several hundred zlotys.


How to search?

One of the most important tips for finding cheap tickets is to clean up your browser’s cookies after each browsing or to do this in incognito mode. Why? By entering any site of the site, they collect information about the user’s behavior. So if someone clicks the “airline tickets from Poland to Ukraine” tab every day, the system automatically knows that it can increase the price, because the person is really interested in this course. The websites often hide even notifications about promotions on a particular route just because one day they were browsing a similar offer (even on another site – companies exchange information about the behavior of users with each other).


Traveling around Europe – what do you need?

Remember that if you have a visa or a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Poland, you can travel all over Europe. All you need is a valid passport and one of the above documents, so that you can move between European Union countries without any obstacles.

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