Studies in Poland for foreigners

Educational services are an important direction of the company's activity. Obtaining extensive knowledge, confirmed by European diplomas, is attractive for Ukrainian students. The Polish education system is two-stage, you can obtain a Bachelor's or Engineer's degree after at least six semesters and a Master's degree (senior engineer or equivalent) after four semesters.

Studies in Poland are conducted in accordance with the traditions of European education. Qualified teachers, free access to the necessary materials (both in paper and electronic form), good accommodation conditions - these are some of the advantages of the Polish education system. Moreover, studies in Poland provide employment opportunities in EU countries.

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43 Polish universities (41 of them national) invite young people from different countries. Knowledge of the Polish language is required, but it is also possible to attend courses in English, German and many other languages. If necessary, a certificate can be obtained before the start of the class.

JDM Ukraine offers assistance in applying for studies, accommodation and other services related to your stay in the country. The list of courses has many possibilities, e. g. economic (economy, management), social (law, international relations), as well as IT, tourism, hotel, media, design, etc.

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The price of language courses is about 50 USD/week, and the cost of studies - 600-1500 USD/ semester or 1200-2000 USD/ semester (depending on the specialization and organization) Documents must be submitted early, only the certificate (or diploma in the case of master's studies) is needed. The classes start in October, but there is a possibility to start in February. Moreover, many universities allow for the transfer of students from Ukraine.

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