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Work for packers

Enlarging our activity and cooperation with German employers we are looking for candidates interesting to work as a packers in Bielefeld. Temporary contract from three months long.

Description of duties:

  • work on productive lines
  • covering CD/DVD
  • foliation
  • labeling
  • packing CD/DVD in boxes


  • full time work: 5-6 days per week, apx. 175 – 220 hours per month
  • German working contract, full social package
  • Polish coordinator on the place.
  • accomodation (cost is 250 euro monthly)
  • free transportation between accomodation and place of work.
  • knowlege of German is not necessary


  • experience on productive line is advantage, but not nesessary.
  • neatness, precision work skills, good eyesight
  • ability to work in efficient pace
  • preciseness, conscientiousness, punctuality, ability to work in group

Wage 8,84 euro per hour brutto

Monthly wage aprox. 1150-1350 euro netto

pakowacz w niemczech 3 min 700x350 - Packers in Germany
pakowacz w niemczech 2 min 700x350 - Packers in Germany
pakowacz w niemczech 1 min 700x350 - Packers in Germany

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