Pit 11 min - PESEL for a foreigner

In November this year, a change was made regarding the PESEL number assigned to foreigners. It is now indispensable for the employer to draw up PIT-11, and thus settle accounts with the tax office. The NIP is no longer sufficient and this applies to all people who want to work in Poland – both registered and non-resident.


Changes in the law

Until now, it was necessary to have a tax identification number (NIP) to settle with the tax office, and a foreigner could have obtained a PESEL at his / her request. This year, however, it became a necessity – it was established that all persons working in Poland, regardless of age, length of demand or type of signed contract, must submit a PESEL application. You can read about how to do it here.

An important difference is that in previous years PESEL was automatically received during the registration, but now it is also possible to make it without specifying the exact place of residence. This means that even people without registration must go to the municipal office, which is the competent seat of the employer and submit an application for PESEL.

Foreigners without a PESEL do not have much time to get it – employers must put PIT-11 by the end of January the following year.


What is the risk of missing a PESEL number?

Failure to create a PESEL number may result in many negative consequences for both the foreigner and the employer. Lack of PIT-11 will make it impossible to check revenues and determine the amount of tax, which is why the employer may be subject to severe fines. Therefore, employers may not want to accept people who do not have a PESEL. It is worth trying to get this number, because it is a simple activity that can facilitate a lot not only in professional life, but also when dealing with other official matters.

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