Physical workers to work in the foundry

The number of places is limited!

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We invite you to cooperate with JDM Recruitment. We are a direct employer for our employees, so you should not worry about the documents and legality of your employment in Poland. Our team consists of professionals who know the Polish law related to the work and residence of foreigners in Poland. In addition, we cooperate with large Polish enterprises that are willing to employ workers from Ukraine and Belarus. Thoni Alutec is our proven employer and foundry, which has been successfully operating on the European market for many years. If you are looking for a permanent job with a good salary, contact us now.

We are looking for physical workers to work in the foundry. The city of Stalowa Wola.

Description of duties:

  • loading of melting furnaces with bars and scrap
  • temperature control on furnaces
  • current cleaning of the workplace
  • collecting sweeps from the furnace
  • cleaning furnaces and vats
  • executing supervisor's instructions
  • general cleaning of the channel under the machines from the forming compound, debris, dust and dirt (once a week)
  • cleaning the workplace in the event of a fall of the crushed mass (waste) from the platform

We guarantee:

  • work schedule: the foundry works 24/7, work 8 hours a day, depending on the change: 7-15; 15-23; 23-7; or 6-14; 14-22; 22-6
  • working conditions: work in a foundry, in the summer the room temperature may be up to 40 ° C, but then frequent breaks are allowed, mineral water and milk are available at the workplace, the temperature reaches 100 ° C near the furnace, and the aluminum spills over a temperature of 800/900 ° C; in the room a lot of dust, noise and it is possible to burn yourself on hot parts
  • accommodation is free
  • work clothes are provided by the employer for free: masks, ear plugs, gloves and safety glasses are issued

We expect candidates from:

  • minimal knowledge of the Polish language
  • nice experience of physical work
  • ability to work with tools
  • accuracy and diligence
  • responsibility for the quality of work
  • willingness and ability to work in a team
  • a ban on drinking alcohol before and during work

15 zlotys net fee per hour

odlewnia 3 min 1 700x350 - Physical workers to work in the foundry
odlewnia min 700x350 - Physical workers to work in the foundry

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