Easy physical work for men. The employer does not require any experience, all that the candidate must have is willingness to work. I think that workers from Ukraine do not complain about the lack of motivation, because everyone wants to bring home as much money as he can. Especially for such employees there is a unique offer of cooperation with increased pay at weekends, plus free accommodation and work clothes.

In connection with the continuous development of the company and cooperation with employers in Poland, we are starting recruitment for the position of QUALITY CONTROL, city of Tychy (near Katowice)

Description of duties:

  • repacking items from large to small cartons (brigadier brings a large carton with parts (up to 50 cm in length), they need to be repacked into small cartons, which stand on the scale, after filling the carton to a certain weight, the foreman changes the carton to empty)
  • verification of the quality of products on the visual basis

We guarantee:

  • work schedule: day and night changes, 5-6 days a week, work for 10-12 hours
  • working conditions - work in a closed room, temperature +17
  • accommodation is paid by the employer, 4-5 people in the room
  • work clothes and footwear are provided by the employer for free

We expect candidates from:

  • men without age restrictions
  • accuracy and responsibility
  • motivation to work
  • conscientious performance of duties
  • manual skills
  • categorical ban on alcohol consumption

Salary PLN 11.50 per hour, work on Saturday and Sunday PLN 14 net per hour

Kontroler jako ci 1 min 700x350 - QUALITY CONTROL
Kontroler jako ci 2 min 700x350 - QUALITY CONTROL
Kontroler jako ci 3 min 700x350 - QUALITY CONTROL

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