Regular physical employees

The number of places is limited!

JDM Recruitment - a recruitment agency that has over 20 years of experience. All our employees have the necessary work permits, health insurance, contract, bank account. We help permanent employees obtain a residence card and we make different types of invitations free of charge. We have our own database of Polish employers, with whom we have been cooperating for many years. One of them is looking for EMPLOYEES to clean up their team. High rates and accommodation for free.

Due to the continuous development of the company and cooperation with employers in Poland, we are looking for regular physical employees for the company Thoni Alutec, Miasto Stalowa Wola

Description of duties:

  • site inspection before change (silos, segregation of rubbish, paint shop and model room)
  • the creation of post-production waste in a designated place with a forklift
  • loading of post-production waste on the car
  • unloading of deliveries (boards, pallets, squares, spacers)
  • pallet segregation in the warehouse, pallet repair
  • mowing grass / snow removal, sprinkling with salt - flakes
  • export of bags with post-production material
  • attention to order in the designated area
  • executing supervisor's instructions
  • cleaning the parking lot for employees
  • repair of washbasins, taps, doors, door handles, sewer cleaning
  • segregation of rubbish

We guarantee:

  • graphics: active production is 24/7, work for changes depending on the department: 7-15; 15-23; 23-7; or 6-14; 14-22; 22-6
  • work on production and outside
  • accommodation is free
  • work clothing is provided by the employer

We expect candidates from:

  • employees - men, preferably citizens of Belarus
  • knowledge of the Polish language at a minimum level
  • experience in performing various types of physical work
  • experience in using handheld tools
  • accuracy and diligence
  • responsibility for the quality of work
  • willingness and ability to work in a team
  • no addictions, no alcohol consumption before and during work

 PLN 15 net fee per hour

utrzymanie porzadku na produkcji 1 min 700x350 - Regular physical employees
utrzymanie porzadku na produkcji 2 min 700x350 - Regular physical employees

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