karta pobytu czasowego POD - Residence card - how to obtain a temporary residence permit in Poland?

If you plan to come to Poland or another Schengen country for a period longer than 90 days, you must apply for a residence card. However, this process is very simple and brings many benefits. With a temporary stay card you can freely cross the Polish-Ukrainian border and travel to the European Union countries.


For whom a residence card?

The temporary residence card confirms that you can stay in Poland. This means that you must first have a residence permit and then apply for a card. Permit is obtained on the basis of documents, including:

a letter confirming that you will be admitted to study in Poland,

employment contract with a Polish entrepreneur,

an application to establish one’s own company in Poland,

a document issued by the employer, in which there is information about the expansion of the company’s activity on the territory of Poland,

Confirmation of conducting scientific research in institutions in Poland.

Each of the above documents may concern different time frames, therefore the temporary residence card is issued for a maximum of 3 years.


How do I get a residence card?

The residence card is issued by the voivode, so all formalities are carried out in the voivodeship office, in the department for foreigners. It is necessary to appear there in person (this rule applies even to children over 13 years old) no later than 3 days after crossing the border. The necessary documents (such as a residence permit, employment contract, etc. ) and a fee of PLN 50 are collected on the spot. Employees check the information contained in their passports and take their fingerprints, which will then appear on their residence card.


Preparation of the residence card should take 30 days after the submission of the documents to the office. Most often you can find out about that the card is ready by calling the department. It must also be collected in person.


What are the benefits of a residence card?

The most important advantage of the residence card is that it replaces the visa and at the same time allows you to visit different countries from the Schengen. This means that when you start working in Poland, for example, you can go on holiday to any European country as long as you have a residence permit.

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