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Spain was one of the favourite European countries for anyone looking for a seasonal job. But not only that, the country after the crisis needed specialists. However, cooperation with employers is currently interrupted by many recruitment companies and job mediators, including JD Merkury. Why?


Recruitment to Spain stopped. Why?

The main culprit of this state of affairs is the weather. Recruitment in JDM Mercury for the work in Spain was halted because the weather conditions this year were terrible. Burning sunshine, droughts and high temperatures wreaked havoc among farmers. This was also visible in Poland. No harvest means no vacancies. Not only farmers, who are now counting losses, have suffered, but also all lovers of seasonal activities, for whom there was simply no work.

Due to the weather, employers in Spain often postponed the search for employees to later dates. This year, JDM Mercury has sent a total of three groups to these regions of Europe, some of which are still working at different sites.


This is not the end of recruitment to Spain! There are new plans!

Spain is constantly coming out of the crisis and this can be seen on the labour market. Today, workers are sought after in a wide range of industries, especially for seasonal harvesting work. Private companies dominate, where more than 450,000 people work.

Work from now on is mainly possible in construction and agriculture. As it turned out, much depends on the weather, which can thwart even the most ambitious plans. 2018 was not gracious for farmers and growers, and thus also for those who were hoping to start seasonal work in Spain.

Those who liked seasonal work in Spain can, however, rest assured. This is a temporary and one-off problem that JDM Mercury is trying to solve. Different sectors in which employment can be found are constantly being searched. At the beginning of January 2018 one group worked in hotels in the Canary Islands. JDM Mercury wants to enter the Spanish hotel market in 2019.

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