Uczelniom brakuje studentów. Z pomocą przychodzi JDM Recruitment

In 2017, a record number of non-public higher education institutions lost the right to conduct their activities or were put into liquidation. The lack of students is to blame. How can this be remedied? JDM Recruitment wants to start cooperation with Polish universities and provide them with students from “Third World Countries”, thus giving them a chance for a better future.


Non-public higher education institutions in difficulty

Polish universities are not doing well. Last year was a record-breaking year in terms of their liquidation. This is a problem that concerns both public and private universities, which are one step away from losing their statute. The situation is set to worsen even further.

This state of affairs is influenced by demographic factors. In 2017, the number of secondary school graduates was almost equal to the number of places at state universities, which meant that anyone who wanted, regardless of the results of the secondary school leaving certificate, could enter the studies. Since universities were able to accept everyone free of charge, the situation of schools and private universities has deteriorated significantly. As many as 13 non-public higher education institutions announced liquidation last year, and almost all of them limited the number of majors. Management and economics have been most affected. 12 other fields of study at 4 higher education institutions have received a decision to suspend or withdraw their authorisation.


JDM Recruitment opens the way for students from “Third World Countries” to learn.

Can anyone study? It turns out not. Citizens of many so-called ‘Third World countries’, including Bangladesh, India and Nepal, do not have this possibility. In order to do so, they have to look for universities abroad, and this involves relocation and a lot of formalities.

JDM Recruitment, noting the problems of poorer countries with difficult access to education, and the problems of Polish universities, decided to find a solution that will work for the common good.

JDM Recruitment is a company that has sourced employees for employers across Europe. Now it wants to expand its activity and start cooperation with Polish universities, which suffer from student shortage. In this way, it is possible not only to save many schools, but also to give the citizens of other countries an opportunity for a better future within the European Union.


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