Vacancy Merchandiser

Do not miss the unique opportunity to work in the capital of Poland - Warsaw.

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Do not miss the unique opportunity to work in a world-renowned supermarket chain, a trusted employer of JDM Recruitment. In addition, work in the heart of Poland - in the capital of Warsaw. Choosing cooperation with us, you will get a lot of cool bonuses and privileges. Free accommodation and medical insurance, our company regularly pays for social security contributions and taxes for every employee. In addition, if you already have a room or flat, JDM Recruitment will pay you extra bonuses. In addition, if you are a student, you can count on a higher rate if you have a confirmation from the university. Together with JDM Recruitment you can not only work legally, but do not worry about taxes, lodging and accommodation.

Wakat - Merchandiser in a world-wide supermarket chain. Location: Warsaw Janki or Bonifacego, Szczecin - you have to ask the recruiter for the exact location.

Description of duties:

  • work in a warehouse
  • unpacking the delivery
  • export of goods to the market hall
  • displaying goods in accordance with supermarket standards
  • labeling of goods
  • control of expiration dates

We guarantee:

  • work schedule: 5-6 days a week, 9-11 hours a day (210-230 hours per month)
  • work in a supermarket (temperature +17)
  • free accommodation; if the employee has his own flat, the employer pays bonuses in the amount of PLN 400 for remuneration

We expect candidates from:

  • three people per night shift
  • one person for cutting sausages
  • every employee must have a Polish sanepid book, in the absence of a sanitary book, it is possible to earn one for PLN 100
  • employees with basic knowledge of the Polish language
  • an employee must have his work clothes and shoes: closed shoes (sneakers), shirt without a cleavage, pants

Salary: PLN 10.50 per hour net, students with a valid university certificate - PLN 12 per net hour

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Merczendaiser 02 min 700x350 - Vacancy Merchandiser
Merczendaiser 03 min 700x350 - Vacancy Merchandiser

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