Za co możesz otrzymać mandat w Polsce?

Polish law determines how high fines can be obtained for specific offences. So if you do something that goes beyond accepted standards, you can count on the financial consequences, which in the vast majority will always be the same, no matter in what state, where and when you did it. What can you get a fine for and how much will you pay for it?


Road traffic offences

 Moving on foot

Mandates for pedestrians most often concern crossing one in the wrong places. For invading the road in front of a passing car you get a fine of 50 PLN, and if the sidewalk was secured with barriers, the fine increases to 100 PLN. You will have to pay the same amount if you pass on the lanes despite the red light.

 IMPORTANT: A fine of up to 500 PLN can be obtained for walking on the road or on the roadside if you do not have reflective elements on you.


Driving a car

The most expensive fines in this group are speeding. For driving 20 km/h faster, you will get from 100 to 200 PLN penalty. The policeman decides how high the mandate will be. In case of lack of relevant documents, one can be called to pay from PLN 50 to 300. The driver can get a 100 PLN fine if the passenger has no seatbelts fastened. Infringements relating to public space.

There are several special situations where you can be fined while in a public space. This includes drinking alcohol and smoking. Both of these activities may not take place in places which are not intended for this purpose. Thus, in the case of drinking (or even “trying to consume” – i. e. having an open bottle), the fine will amount to 100 PLN, but for smoking a cigarette in the environment, which was banned under the Act, a fine is as much as 500 PLN. In particular, we are talking about schools, hospitals, restaurants, bars, public transport stops and other places where a lot of people are staying.

 A fine can also be obtained for disturbing night-time silence, and the size of the fine depends to a large extent on the time at which and how the noise has been generated. A multi-hour event, which is heard throughout the estate, can cost up to 500 PLN. Therefore, it is worth taking care not to disturb your neighbors from 10 p. m. to 6 a. m. If, on the other hand, the disturbance of the night-time silence was short and took place for the first time, then police officers may only apply a reminder.


Penalties for lack of tickets

Lack of a valid ticket when travelling by train, bus or other public transport is considered to be an offence, but it is the responsibility of the relevant transport company to respect it. This means that if you don’t have a ticket while driving a PKP train, it will require money from you. So the rates are very different and depend on the length of the route, but can reach up to 300 zlotys.

 In the case of public transport, companies apply the principle that the penalty is calculated on the basis of a multiple (usually the multiplier is 20) of the price of the most expensive ticket, or they assume a single amount. Therefore, it is possible to take into account the costs of 100-200 PLN.

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