Polish employers and the Polish labor market are open to the Ukrainians, who are increasingly eager to seek employment outside their country. Due to their geographical location, they often choose Poland, which can offer them good social and financial conditions. Unfortunately, in order to start a legal job, Ukrainians have to sign not only a contract, but also a statement in which it is indicated where and in which position they will work, and in what period. These are many formalities with which JDM Recruitment can help.


Declaration of entrusting work – basic information. Who can work and how long?

The declaration on entrusting works to a foreigner is a document that an employer must have to legally hire a worker from outside the country. This means that the company entrusting work is forced to collect and provide the necessary documentation to the appropriate office. However, if you start working with us, JDM Recruitment helps you in obtaining the necessary permits for your employees. It saves time and money for both foreigners who start work and companies that employ such people.

The declaration on entrusting works to a foreigner is a document addressed mainly to the citizens of Eastern Europe, including the residents of Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Armenia and Ukraine. On the basis of such a document, employees may take short-term employment for up to six months in total during the year.

It is worth knowing that the obligation to create such a document allows the foreigner to work only with a given entrepreneur and is not valid when employed in another company.


How to make a statement about entrusting work?

A work entrustment declaration is necessary if the company employs a citizen of another country. In order to create such a document, you should go to the poviat labor office, competent for its seat or place of permanent residence.

The document should contain the necessary data, ie information about the employer, such as NIP and address, and employee data, including personal data. This document should be completed legibly, preferably in a printed letter and a black ink pen. In addition, the statement that must be signed by the employee must include a description of the tasks and the period of entrustment, as well as the time of commencement of work.

After submitting a statement in the poviat labor office, it is accepted (there are rare refusals) along with a fee of PLN 30. The employer should give the employee the original and submit a photocopy of the documents at the office. It is worth noting that the declaration of entrusting works is a document that is necessary to apply for a work visa by a foreigner.

The future employee should report to the employer at the appointed time in order to take up employment. If he does not, the employer should notify the employment office – he has 7 days for it.

The above article is informative. Starting cooperation with JDM Recruitment, we deal with all formalities, including the necessary permits for all our employees.

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