Czym jest PESEL? Dlaczego jest ważny i jak go uzyskać?

One of the practical problems facing foreigners moving to Poland is to obtain a PESEL number. This number is assigned to natural persons in Poland, which facilitates identification. In theory, there is no obligation for foreigners to have such a number, but in practice many activities, such as signing contracts and tax settlement is impossible. Why is it worth having a PESEL and how to receive it?


What is PESEL?

PESEL is a numeric symbol that is assigned to a natural person in Poland. Every citizen of the country has its own unique number that allows its identification. The PESEL number is assigned at the request of the person concerned and consists of several digits, which inform about the date of birth, order number, sex and the control number.


When will the PESEL be useful?

Why is it worth having a PESEL? Theoretically, foreigners do not have to make their own number, but in practice the lack of it causes many difficulties. Especially in the case when a citizen of another country wants to take up legal work in Poland.

Having a PESEL number by an employed foreigner is therefore necessary for the employer to fulfill his obligations, including registering an employee, paying him and paying him tax (PIT and ZUS). In the past, it was enough to create a NIP number. Currently, in practice, no company in Poland will employ a foreigner legally and long-term without a PESEL number.

The lack of this number also involves other problems. Without a PESEL number, it will be difficult to set up an account with a Polish bank or sign any contract with a service provider, for example a company offering telecommunications services (internet and telephone). In Poland, even pre-paid telephones require the identification and signing of a contract.

PESEL is also needed to obtain a Tax Residence Certificate in order to receive the A1 document (seasonal work permit). This applies not only to Poland but also to other countries belonging to the European Union. Taking up employment will only be possible after the number has been taken up.

The PESEL number will also be useful in everyday situations – the purchase of monthly public transport tickets or the use of health services.


How to get a PESEL?

Currently, getting a PESEL number by a foreigner is very simple. Before 2018, only a foreigner who had the right to a long-term stay in Poland or a visa could apply for a PESEL number. The new regulations have been in force since January 1, 2018 and they abolish this obligation. The law says that the PESEL number is granted to everyone who resides in the territory of Poland. In practice, this means that you only need to check in any apartment in the country, show the lease agreement in the city or municipality office, and the PESEL number will be assigned automatically. There is also a second, even easier way – it is enough to use the ePUAP public administration services platform and express a desire to create a Trusted Profile, which in Poland allows you to handle official matters over the internet. Creating an account requires a PESEL number, so it is also automatically assigned.


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