moja firma w polsce cz 1 min - Who can set up a company in Poland?

Running your own business is more and more popular in Poland, which brings many pluses. A few years ago, the amount of ZUS contributions, which new entrepreneurs have to pay, was reduced, as well as the rules for granting subsidies. It is not surprising that foreigners also want to set up companies in Poland, but can they do it?


Companies only for Polish citizens?

Every adult who has legal capacity can start a company – matters such as education or financial status are irrelevant. This principle also applies to citizens of other European Union countries as well as those who are members of EFTA and EEA.

Foreigners who do not belong to any of these groups can still start a company in Poland, provided they have a permanent, temporary or resident permit. They do not have to be issued in connection with declaring the willingness to start a business – students or full-time employees can open their business as much as possible (only the rule according to which it is necessary to be at least 18 years old). In general, every person who resides legally and has the right to undertake any work is one of the people who can start their own business in Poland.


How to set up a company in Poland and how much does it cost?

Establishing simple forms of activity is completely free in Poland. In the case of more extensive types, such as companies, costs oscillate around PLN 1000. The process of opening your own business is the same for Poles as well as for foreigners. To register a company, you must complete the CEIDG-1 application and direct it to the appropriate city or municipality office. You can do it online, by post and in person. After submitting the documents, it takes a few hours for the company to work.

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