UKR DE min min 775x517 - Why Ukrainians will not choose better paid jobs and will not go to Germany?

Recently, the hot topic among Polish politicians, entrepreneurs and employees from Ukraine is the opening of the labor market in Niemczach to foreigners, mainly Ukrainians and Belarusians. The prospect of a better-paying job seems wonderful, but not everyone will decide to leave Poland for Germany. Why? What will stop Ukrainians in Poland?


Germans are fighting Poles for employees

Soon, on December 19, the Federal Government of Germany will consider a revised bill that would improve the state of the German economy. One of the most important points of the document is the opening of the German labor market. The western neighbors of Poland are also struggling with a shortage of employees. Facilitating them to work and to obtain citizenship is to attract them to themselves. But will it happen? Experts are of the opinion that not necessarily.


Ukrainians do not want to work in Germany at all

The main reason why Ukrainians chose Poland instead of other European countries is – and still will be – cultural similarity. It is not just a close geographical distance, but the fact that Poles and Ukrainians can communicate without language – additionally they have common customs, which makes Ukrainians feel “at home” in Poland. This can not be achieved in the Germans, even by offering a five times higher salary – the cultural and linguistic barrier is so great that the Ukrainians will give up their departure and stay where they are good – in Poland.

Another reason is that the Germans are looking for highly specialized employees – they open their market on them and offer them help in education and accommodation. And professional employees are only a small percentage of employees who leave Ukraine, mainly physical workers decide. You can not count on improving your situation in Niemczach at all.

You can add high living costs to all this. It is true – the minimum wage in Niemcze is higher than in Poland, but also the prices of renting apartments, food and basic services are higher. As a result, it may turn out that the Ukrainian will spend more than a month on a monthly basis.

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