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Polish employers have been complaining about the lack of hands to work for a long time. Falling unemployment, favourable economic situation of the country and unfavourable demographic situation make it more and more difficult to find workers. Until recently, employers tried to save personnel from Ukraine, but it turned out to be too little. Will the Ukrainians be replaced by workers from the Far East?


Employee from Ukraine prefers the West?

Polish employers patched the human resources holes with Ukrainian employees. However, this can end quickly. Research conducted by the OTTO Work Force shows that almost 40% of employees from Ukraine consider working in a country other than Poland, of which Germany and the United Kingdom are the leaders. The main reasons given for this decision are higher wages.


Is there a rescue for the Polish economy?

It cannot be denied that staff shortages are a serious problem for Poland. First of all, there is a shortage of specialists and qualified workers, but also of manual workers. Companies (mainly from the manufacturing sector) complain about excess orders and lack of hands to work.

As it might seem, the Polish economy will be saved by opening the borders to the inhabitants of neighbouring Ukraine and simplifying the issue of work permits. It turned out, however, that other European countries have also followed this path and are willing to accept legal workers from Ukraine. Those, in turn, prefer better paid vacancies in Germany and the UK than in Poland.


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Help comes from. . . Far East

If workers in the Middle East prefer Western Europe, there is no other way to reach out to workers from Asia. Many Polish agencies recruit employees from Nepal, Vietnam or even the Philippines. According to MRPiPS data, in 2017 almost 7,000 inhabitants of Nepal received a work permit in Poland. Data from the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy show a significant growth dynamics of work permits issued to foreigners, from which a clear upward trend in the employment of workers from the Far East can be seen. Currently, over 30 thousand of them can work in Poland, and analysts estimate that this number is growing rapidly.

Polish employers value employees from Asia. They acclimatize quickly and used to the hard work. They also often agree to work for a minimum wage.

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