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In Poland, it is possible to work legally on the basis of several types of contracts. Some of them enjoy greater, others less popular, but depending on their profession, they can benefit both employers and employees. What are the most popular employment contracts and how do they differ?


  1. Contract for specific work

This is the simplest form of the contract in which one person commits to perform a specific service or product (work), and the other to pay for it at a given time. This kind of legal conclusion is very common among artists and freelancers, because the contract can not impose when the work is to be created. This means that the employee has to fit in the appointed time, but no one will control him or influence his work.


The remuneration in the contract for the work is given in gross amount, however this is reduced only by the income tax advance. Works performed on the basis of a contract for a specific work are therefore not a basis for calculating a pension, and do not affect the coverage of health insurance.


Another disadvantage of the contract for the work is that they are quite a new creation, which means that they have no reference to the provisions contained in the Labor Code – all disputes with the employer have to be resolved by a civil court


  1. Contract for mandate

The contract is a link between a light work contract and a hard work contract. It assumes the performance of certain activities, but they must be clearly defined both in terms of obligations as well as their duration. The order may concern the introduction of corrections to the accounting, painting the interior of the house or driving a car on a certain route. Very often, however, the contract of mandate goes beyond what is happening with the imprecise provisions in the labor law.


In the case of contracts for orders, the gross remuneration is additionally reduced by contributions to the Social Security and National Health Fund (NFZ). The employee is therefore entitled to free medical care, and some money goes to his retirement account.


The advantage of the contract of mandate is that it can be broken at any time without incurring any consequences. This rule applies to both employees and employers, which must be remembered. However, these contracts should not be scared because they are very often an introduction to obtaining a contract of employment and constitute a preparatory stage for an employee.


  1. Contract of employment

It is a full value contract concluded between an employee and an employer. It may work for a definite or indefinite period. In this latter form, it is considered the best possible employment contract – it gives full assurance of employment. As the only one of the mentioned contracts is considered by the Labor Code, which means that many requirements must be met in order for it to be deemed lawful.


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An employee employed under an employment contract for access to many privileges, such as holiday leave, also has all the contributions paid – retirement, sickness, health, etc. A salary is also determined which can not be changed and must be paid on time.

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